CERB recipients to transition onto the federal Employment Insurance program

“EI should cover every Canadian who is looking for work, and for those who don’t qualify for EI right now, like gig or contract workers, we will create a transitional, parallel benefit that is similar to Employment Insurance,”



Millions of Canadians who still use the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) will soon be transitioned onto the federal Employment Insurance program.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said CERB has provided taxable payments of $2,000 to Canadians who lost income because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

He also said that there are three million people out of work who are looking for work, and "even as our economy is reopening, there are many, many more people out of work, willing to work, than there are jobs available," 

Trudeau said his government will find ways to encourage people to work when they are able.

The Canada Emergency Commercial Rent Assistance plan will also be extended through the month of August. 

On Friday morning, the Feds also announced that a new "sickness and caregivers benefit" is on the way for those who are not covered at work if they or their loved ones get COVID-19 and they need to stay home. 


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