Spooky spots in Calgary


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Calgary Zoo Bridge (12th Street SE over Bow River)

According to popular ghost tales, the spirit of a young boy can occasionally be spotted on the bridge or heard screaming. The youth was supposedly stabbed to death under the bridge in 1946.  Calgary Police say they receive calls once in a while,  drawing them to the bridge and its surrounding pathways.

People say they hear a little boy, a woman, or something else entirely, shrieking in terror from beneath that bridge


Deane house (806 9 Ave SE)

Perhaps the most haunted building in town. People have told of seeing a mysterious man with a pipe, an aboriginal man telling trespassers to leave his sacred ground, while others have heard laughter in the halls. Built for the Superintendent of Fort Calgary, the home has seen stabbings, suicides, and deadly accidents over the years.



The Grandstand at the Stampede

The Calgary Stampede is home to the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth, but is it also home to spirits not of this world? There have been reports of apparitions, strange noises, and hollow footsteps attributed to a construction worker that died during the facility’s construction.


House and Hound (1030 9 Ave SE) 

From Fire Hall to community centre to fine dining restaurant, the Hose and Hound has seen many different uses over the years.

One constant however are the ghosts that have been around since the very beginning when the legendary Cappy Smart was Fire Chief here.



Doll Block Building (8th Ave SW)

If you walk down Stephen Avenue after dark, stop outside the Doll Block building at the east of the street. Look up to the big bay window on the 3rd floor and see if you can see Mr Doll’s wife, or maybe it’s his 10-year-old daughter, Florence. A female ghost is said to sit in the window and wander the building.



Suitor House ( 1004 8th Ave SE )

Now the office of a doctor, Suitor House was once home to a railroad worker who was killed. Heartbroken, his wife died soon after. Lights have been known to flicker in the building and people have reported seeing a woman in a long white dress with flowing black hair standing on the balcony.



Devil's Playground ( 8094 9th Ave SW )

Listed as one of the most haunted places in Canada, the story of Devil’s Playground starts when an old schoolhouse burned down. A fire started in a hallway and claimed the lives of three children. Over the years people would report the sound of children playing around the charred foundation. Other stories tell of wrecking crews having malfunctions when they came to develop the area.  The story is so intriguing that in the spring a film crew was asking for crowd funding to do a short film on the story.



Rose and Crown Pub ( 1503 4St SW )

The pub used to be a funeral home!  Staff have had lights flicker, windows open and many stories of a small boy hiding in the basement.



Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel

Probably the most famous of all the spectres residing in the Fairmont Banff Springs,  the story of the Ghost Bride dates back to the late 1920s.

The story goes that on the young couple’s wedding day, the bride, decked out in her wedding gown, descended one of the hotel's marble staircases. Something startled her, causing her to slip and fall. Some say she caught her heel in the hem of her dress. Others say her dress brushed up against a candle’s flame. Whatever the cause, the end result is the bride died on those steps.

Since then, hotel staff and guests alike have reported seeing a veiled figure moving up and down the stairs, or seeing a figure in a wedding dress dancing in the ballroom upstairs, pining for the first dance with her husband that she never had.

There are specific rooms that even staff say are haunted. Guests have reported having the pillows yanked out from under their heads while they slept or even being pushed off the bed by some unseen entity. 

Another room in the hotel has a story with many variations, An entire family was murdered there and ever since, guests in the room have reported being awakened by screaming. When they turned on the lights, they would see bloody hand prints on the mirror.

Depending on who tells the story, the hand prints either disappeared before hotel staff had a chance to clean them or wouldn’t come off at all.




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