If your password is "password", bad news

This website, Splashdata, is designed to protect your passwords. There were a lot of simple, simple passwords. 

2017's information was drawn from over five million leaked passwords, not including those on adult sites or from the massive Yahoo email breach. The passwords were mostly held by users in North America and Western Europe.

The website roughly calculated that nearly 10 percent of people have used at least one of the 25 worst passwords on this year’s list, and just about 3 percent used the worst password, ‘123456’. ‘Password’ was the second most popular password. Like, duh. Sorry. Other numbered passwords that weren’t new to the list were ‘12345678’ in third place.

What the heck, guys. 

A simple tip from the website: Create unique passwords for every account. 

Reusing passwords on multiple accounts leaves all of them vulnerable: if one account is compromised, attackers can test out that password on all of your other accounts. It won’t just make you more secure, it will simplify your life as the manager can fill password forms for you.

Internet-ing ain't easy, yo.



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