Thought Facebook was bad? Google knows everything about you, too

We've all been hearing about the #deletefacebook "movement".

I put that in quotations because I don't think a lot of everyday people will stand behind it, it's the slacktivism stance they take, and they'll be back, I'm sure. Facebook is facing investigations on multiple fronts after revelations that information on 50 MILLION users were improperly "harvested" by an analytics firm used by Donald Trump’s campaign. The company is currently squirming in the hot seat, trying to come out in the best possible light, without paying off everyone in the world.

But -- we don't necessarily think of our good friend Google, the ever helpful, always there, go-to resource. I came across this  article and podcast about a guy who did some research as to just how much information Google keeps on you - map locations, supposed secret search histories, every news article you've ever searched for or read ... All right there on some computer tower in a room somewhere, your technological life, waiting to be discovered. Scary stuff.


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