Calgary's Jennie Harluk joins Windspeaker Radio morning show



Jennie Harluk’s songs rely heavily on her long-time love of country music’s straight up storytelling. But the Calgary-based singer/songwriter is less concerned about her music fitting neatly into a genre than ensuring it sinks deep into the heart and soul of her listeners.


Harluk has played at a wide range of events and venues, ranging from Alberta’s iteration of the Country Thunder Festival and for the past five years running, various Calgary Stampede events, as well as at coffeehouses and all age venues. Recently, Harluk also spearheaded the development of a local concert series of her own, Country Night Live, at which she co-hosts, performs, and invites other local artists to showcase their talent at, in support of local charities.

Here is Jennie speaking with Windspeaker Radio:

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