Getting Spooky at Dark- Fort Edmonton Park

If you like to get scared, this is the place for you. You can hear screams from all 3 haunted houses and on the mid-way as visitors are being followed and scared just trying to get from space to space. 

Its $45 to get in and tickets for food and drink are not included. Make sure to dress warm. 

Below are the 3 haunted house themes- and even farther are the things Candice Ryan found....that were following her around....



DARK Haunts

Under the Big Top

All is not as it seems in the Big Top Tent on the Midway. What was supposed to be a magical night at the circus quickly turns into a nightmare. A killer clown and his sinister minions take control of the circus and find amusement in tearing their audience apart and then sewing the bodies back together. Will you be forced to run away and join this circus?


Core Industries

Two years ago, a fungal parasite outbreak occurred at Core Industries, gruesomely mutating and controlling the workers. The lab has been sealed shut ever since, locking those left behind inside to suffer an unimaginable fate. You are assigned to join a special operative team and head inside for the first time since the outbreak to assess the carnage and retrieve a sample of the fungus. We’re confident that enough time has gone by to curb the infection inside, but your instant dread tells you otherwise. 


Blood Harvest

It’s Halloween night, and you’re driving home through an eerie countryside shortcut when your car breaks down. Luckily, you see a house with a light on at the end of the road decorated with scarecrows for Halloween. Unluckily for you, this family, after a desperately bleak farming year, made a deal with the devil to ensure their next harvest would be a success. In exchange for better crops, the demon took their souls, twisted them into bloodthirsty shadows of their former selves, and condemned them to harvest victims’ blood to water their crops. Something doesn’t seem quite right with those scarecrows, either...