Every Child Matters Day at the Farm

Friday, September 30th, 2022

9:30am - 6:00pm
Prairie Gardens & Adventure Farm, North of Bon Accord

It's a tribute to remember First Nations families who were broken apart, whose children were taken, those survived and those who never returned



A giant 5 acre cornfield has been created, in tribute to Every Child Matters.

"Reconciliation is an act." Bill Berschey, Chief Standing Bear, Elder in Residence at Prairie Gardens. "Let's find a new pathway forward."

Come learn about the seven teachings, and the three sisters in the garden (Corn, Squash and Beans). Courage, Respect and Love.

In the middle of the “Every Child Matters” corn maze— the heart— there’s a sign that reads: “This maze is to remind us that all our children matter. It is a tribute to every child that was taken from their home and separated from their family, stripped of their culture and identity, victimized by those in authority and treated like second class citizens in what is supposed to be one of the greatest countries in the world to live in and be a safe place to live in.”

Like so many Canadians, Farmer Tam Andersen felt a deep sense of grief. She wanted to do something to honour the lost children. She worked with Elder Bill Berschey, and together they created the Every Child Matters and Turtle Island forest conservation trail at the farm.

The Every Child Matters Corn Maze will be Open Weekends from 9:30am-6pm.(last person in the maze at 5 pm as gates close at 6pm).

Visit Elder Bill Bertschy, Chief Standing Bear - at the Every Child Matters Teepee to learn more about indigenous culture, sacred plants - and this important topic.




Prairie Gardens & Adventure Farm
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North of Bon Accord

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