Alberta Launching New Online System To Help People During Evacuation

Fort McMurray residents evacuating along Highway 63 on May 3, 2016

“Getting services to Albertans safely and quickly is vital when disaster strikes, and providing online registration for evacuees and their pets is one more tool in our tool belt.”


The Alberta government is launching a new online system , which makes it safer and easier to register for a reception centre during an emergency, such as a wildfire or flood.

By being able to register online as soon as an emergency is declared, the province says Albertans can quickly access government services.

"The MyAlberta Emergency Registration System (MAERS) removes the need for in-person contact, reducing the risk of potential COVID-19 exposure for staff and evacuees"

When an emergency is declared, Albertans who need to evacuate will be directed to register online through the MAERS.  Albertans without internet access or those having trouble with online access can call the Government of Alberta call centre (310-0000) to register over the phone.

Government and local municipal emergency management leaders use the information collected through the online registration system to support Alberta families who have had to leave their homes during an emergency evacuation.  For example, residents may need a place to stay, their pets may need to be collected and cared for, and their families may need food, finances and other essential supplies.

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