Alberta subsidies slashed ahead of affordable child-care program

Weeks before Alberta introduces the first phase of the federal affordable child-care program, child-care operators across the province are being told subsidies to low-income families are being cut.

Families receiving the maximum amount of provincial funding were getting $644 dollars per month to help them pay for child care. In 2022, that will fall to $266 per month.

Come January, child-care fees will be reduced in licensed facilities across Alberta. That is being done as part of a federal deal Alberta signed in November.

Families argue they weren’t aware that would mean they would receive less funding.

Low-income families currently pay about $13 per day per child on average. Many of them will drop to the $10 per day average first starting in January.

The federal government is investing $3.8 billion over the next five years to pay for the reduction in fees.

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