Alberta to resume fuel tax collection in October

With the price of oil dropping, the Alberta government is reinstating its fuel tax in October.



Starting October 1st, Albertans will be charged a partial tax of 4.5 cents per litre. The province's non-discounted fuel tax is 13 cents per litre. 

The province sent a letter to all fuel retailers explaining the changes on Wednesday. 

When the price of West Texas Intermediate (WTI) drops between US$89.99 to $89.99, the province will introduce a 4.5 cents per litre tax. Once WTI drops even lower between US$80 and $84.99, it will reintroduce a 9 cents per litre tax. And infally, the fully 13 cents per litre tax is reintroduced when WTI dips below US$79.99. 

Marked gasoline and marked diesel will also be affected. 

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