Bent Arrow Traditional Healing society hosts fourth annual Cultural Camp

Saturday, June 18th, 2022 11:34am

By Daniel Barker-Tremblay

Bent Arrow Traditional Healing Center Cultural Camp (Photo Credits -Daniel Barker-Tremblay)

"it's important to carry my mother and my Grandfather's message when they say Don't let my smudge go out" -Dr. Red Crowshoe, University of Calgary Indigenous Engagement Department.



This weekend, Edmonton’s Bent Arrow Healing Society is hosting its fourth annual Cultural Camp, leading up to National Indigenous People’s Day on June 21.

The Cultural Camp is an event that teaches visitors more about Indigenous cultures and ceremonies with help from elders.

Cheryl WhiskeyJack, executive director with Bent Arrow talks about what visitors can expect when they check out the three day event that runs June 17-18 and June 20-21.

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Cheryl Whiskeyjack, Executive Director with Bent Arrow (Photo Credits - Daniel Barker-Tremblay)


One of the Elders that will be sharing his teachings is Dr. Reg Crowshoe from the University of Calgary’s Indigenous Engagement department. He says that it’s important for him to pass on his message of “Don’t let my smudge burn out.”

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Dr. Reg Crowshoe, speaking at the Cultural Camp at Bent Arrow (Photo Credits - Daniel Barker-Tremblay)


Loyd Yellowbird, senior manager at Bent Arrow talks about what they will have for visitors on National Indigenous People’s Day

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Senior Manager Loyd YellowBird at Bent Arrow Cultural Camp (Photo Credits - Daniel Barker-Tremblay)


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