Supply of children's pain medication is on the way : Health Canada

"The supply will be given to hospitals, community pharmacies and retailers and begin appearing on store shelves by early next week"



According to health Canada, A large foreign supply of children's fever and pain medication is expected to start showing up on pharmacy and retail shelves next week.

Shelves have been left bare across the country, as pharmacists are running out of children’s allergy medication, children’s pain relievers, and now adult cough and cold syrup, eye drops and some oral antibiotics.

There are 800 drugs that are in short supply, and 23 that are critically low levels, according to the Health Canada.

Hospitals have had reported surges in the number of kids admitted to emergency and intensive care unit

Dr. Theresa Tam, Canada’s chief public health officer, said that COVID-19 remains circulating across the country and that RSV levels are above what are expected for this time of year.

"RSV and influenza are having a large impact on children, While hospitals are seeing high admissions related to those illnesses, a vaccine is not available. Getting kids vaccinated with shots that are available, like the flu and COVID-19 shot, is important"

According to health Canada, Drug shortages started as early as last spring, but the supply crunch was exacerbated in recent months by soaring demand amid the spread of influenza, RSV and COVID-19


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