Canada’s first Métis cultural destination officially opens in Smoky Lake

“The grand opening event is all about thanking and acknowledging everyone who has contributed towards making this dream a reality,” said Juanita Marois, CEO, Métis Crossing


A 688-acre Métis cultural destination celebrated it's grand opening on Sunday September 25th in Smoky Lake.

The Métis Crossing lodge features a new state-of-the-art Cultural Gathering Centre, boutique lodge, campground, heritage species wildlife park, a historical Métis Riverlot farmyard and a Métis veterans’ memorial.

The lodge includes 40 rooms in a boutique accommodation overlooking the North Saskatchewan River. The grand opening event on the 25th will also showcase upcoming developments including sky watching pods, a solar farm, and additional programming and offerings.

According to the centre, it will provide “an opportunity for Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples in Alberta to become more familiar with Métis people, stories and shared history.”

Juanita Marois is the CEO of the Metis Crossing Lodge




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