Ceremonial smudging and prayer held for new mural at TELUS World of Science

Friday, June 3rd, 2022 10:39am

By Daniel Barker-Tremblay

Members of the Mural ceremony at TELUS World of Science, Allan Nursall, Danni Okemaw, Lance Cardinal, Lynn Lush, Gilman Cardinal, Desmond Morningchild Constance Scarlett (Photo Credits - Daniel Barker-Tremblay)

A ceremonial smudging and prayer held for the new mural inside TELUS World of Science



A ceremony was organized inside the TELUS World of Science lobby to commemorate the new mural made by Two Spirit Indigenous artist Lance Cardinal on June 2.

Amiskwacîwâskahikan  “Beaver Hills House” in Cree is the name of the new mural. Cardinal says that it took a week to create and he hopes it will bring children in to learn about Indigenous science.

Mural Image 03 EDITED

Two- Spirited Indigenous Artist Lance Cardinal Speaking at event (Photo Credits - Daniel Barker-Tremblay)

Elder Gilman Cardinal, who conducted the smudging ceremony, says that many years ago there was no evidence of showing Indigenous culture history. He prayed for 28 years for a day like this to happen.

Mural Image 02 EDITED

Elder Gilman Cardinal Speaking at Mural Ceremony inside TELUS World of Science (Photo Credits - Daniel Barker-Tremblay)


President and CEO of TELUS World of Science Allan Nursall says that the mural will be emblematic, a reminder and a defining moment for someone when they enter the science center for a photo opportunity.

Mural Image 01 EDITED

President and CEO of TELUS World of Science Allan Nursall speaking at Mural Ceremony (Photo credits - Daniel Barker-Tremblay)


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