City of Edmonton releases 'Safer For All' plan

The joint collaboration will attempt to address racism and discrimination

The City of Edmonton has released a plan to address racism and hate crimes within the community.

The plan will look at almost 70 different ways at building a safer city for all residents.

Some of those include increasing training on bias, anti-racism and trauma, as well as the addition of in-car video cameras to police vehicles.

Edmonton's work plan was sparked by conversations with Edmonton's Community Safety and Well Being task force following public hearings where Edmontnians shared their experience with racism and policing in the city.

Edmonton already launched a new anti racism grant with $300,000 in funding to support youth and non profit.

The city says that ultimately residents will be the judges of the report. A public dashboard will be developed so the public can see how the report’s actions are implemented.

The plan will be presented to the community and city council on June 30.



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