Drones used for the first time to deliver packages from EIA

It’s being called a major step forward in the modernization of supply chains — the Edmonton International Airport will soon be using drones to deliver cargo packages.

In a Canadian first, EIA used a Sparrow drone from Drone Delivery Canada (DDC) to fly from the airport to a site in Leduc County.

This was the first time an operation like this was approved by Nav Canada. The airspace around all airports is highly restricted for safety reasons, and drone activity is forbidden without proper authorization. The airport said it and DDC spent months working to create new approvals and safety procedures to make these types of operations possible.

The airport believes this could be the next step in delivering things like medical products and sensitive cargo to both populated areas like Edmonton, as well as to remote, Indigenous and northern communities.

The airport also believes drones could also be used in the final kilometres of certain journeys, to help reduce vehicle traffic and emissions.

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