Edmonton City Council votes to remove Grandin name from LRT station

“People, particularly survivors and intergenerational survivors of residential schooling, have no choice but to be in its presence and behold it and people have reported for some time that is triggering and re-traumatizing for them"



Edmonton city council voted unanimously Monday to change the name of Grandin LRT Station and cover up a mural depicting the residential school system as soon as possible.

Mayor Don Iveson introduced the motion to remove the reference to Bishop Vital-Justin Grandin in the LRT station and on city signage as well as cover the controversial mural.  The LRT station is named after Vital Grandin, a bishop from the Roman Catholic Church from St. Albert who helped administer and design Canada’s residential school system.

Vital Grandin, the first Roman Catholic bishop of St. Albert, was a proponent of residential schools who lobbied the government in the late 1800s to fund them.

The city will ask its naming committee to work with a Grandin working circle, which includes Indigenous and francophone community leaders, to come forward with recommendations for a new name for the station that contributes to reconciliation.


Contact the Indian Residential School Survivors Society toll-free 1 (800) 721-0066 or 24-hour Crisis Line 1 (866) 925-4419 if you require emotional support or assistance.



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