Edmonton piloting a new naloxone project

There were 1,144 opioid related deaths in Alberta in 2020

A $1.5M pilot project distributing nasal naloxone kit is coming to the Edmonton area.

The program will begin with kits being handed out at the George Spady Centre in downtown Edmonton.

Naloxone is a medicine used as a temporary antidote to an opioid overdose, typically used through injection.

Nasal kits distribute the drug through a patient's nostrils and according to Luan, one spray is the equivalent of five shots of naloxone.

Associate Minister for Mental Health and Addiction Jason Luan says the province wanted to pilot the program in Edmonton with the hope that by the end of this pilot they'll have firsthand knowledge, information, data, evaluation and recognition come back to us if we want to roll this out to the whole province.

Last week, AHS put out a public service announcement stating that EMS had responded to 55 opioid-related calls in the Edmonton area from May 31 to June 1.



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