First-In-Canada Treaty Boundary Signage Placed Along Saskatchewan’s Highway 11

Photos: Government of Saskatchewan

"The signs are the first of their kind in Canada"


Saskatchewan is the first Canadian province to mark a treaty boundary along a major provincial highway.

Monday, Saskatchewan's Lieutenant Governor, the Government of Saskatchewan and the Treaty Commissioner of Saskatchewan unveiled the official road signs to mark the Treaty 4-Treaty 6 boundary near Highway 11 — one of the province's busiest transportation links.

Following an Indigenous ceremony and protocols, provincial crews placed the pair of signs along the four-lane highway near Bladworth.

Motorists travelling north will see the Treaty 6 sign. Motorists travelling south will see the Treaty 4 sign. This section of Highway 11 sees more than 5,000 vehicles daily.

Each new sign includes:

  • An image of a Treaty medal. The medals were provided to Indigenous leadership following the close of the Treaty negotiations.
  • Wording of the original Treaties to indicate they will remain valid "as long as the sun shines, grass grows and rivers flow."
  • A welcome in the respective Indigenous languages of each Treaty area.



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