Fort Edmonton Park set to re-open on Canada Day

A view of the interior of the Indigenous Peoples Experience. Courtesy/Fort Edmonton Park

"We can’t wait for Edmonton to see what we’ve been building. It’s going to be a totally new and immersive experience"


After a massive $165 million renovation, Fort Edmonton park is scheduled to open its doors on Canada Day, subject to restrictions and guidelines.

The park closed to the public in September 2018 to begin renovations. The project includes utility upgrades, new features and exhibits, new attractions to the Johnny J. Jones Exposition and a new admissions area and front-entry plaza.

One of the biggest changes is the Indigenous Peoples Experience. The attraction calls it the “new signature exhibit” at the park in the North Saskatchewan River valley.

It is being described as a place to gather and explore life through the diversities of First Nations’ and Métis’ peoples’ histories, cultures, experiences and perspectives. The exhibit will feature a look at life in the Beaver Hills, or Edmonton, region.

New experiences added to the midway include a new Ferris wheel, an outdoor maze, a funhouse and expanded game selection. The carousel and swing ride are still in the midway as well.

Officials with Fort Edmonton Park joined our radio station to talk about the renovations, and the new Indigenous Peoples experience




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