Fort McMurray Composite High School receives $30,000 Indigo grant for library

Thursday, June 30th, 2022 11:46am

By Daniel Barker-Tremblay

Image of Fort McMurrray Composite High School receiving 30,000 dollar Indigo grant for library (Photo Credits - Danny Tulk)

"30,000 dollar amount of money that we can use to buy literacy supports, buy books, upgrade our library so those kids can really get learning and infuse that into the school" - Danny Tulk, Principal at Fort McMurray Composite High School



The library in the Fort McMurray Composite High School will be getting an upgrade thanks to the Indigo Love of Reading Foundation Literacy Grant. The school was one of only two schools that received the grant within the province of Alberta.

Back in 2020, the school suffered serious damages due to a flood that entered the building, and the library was one of the many areas heavily damaged.

Danny Tulk, principal of Fort McMurray Composite High School, says that he is excited the grant can be used to help with the new upgrades within the school’s library

Danny Tulk Image EDITED

Danny Tulk, Principal of Fort McMurray Composite High School (Credits - Danny Tulk)


Along with Tulk, staff members, including the librarian, are also excited about getting the grant to help replace the books that were lost due to the flood.

Tulk says that the Indigo grant will also be used to help upgrade their First Nations and Inuit area, and to help students learn about the rich history of Indigenous culture and to help it grow.


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