Grade 11 student makes positive impact with community fridge and documentary

Monday, July 4th, 2022 2:20pm

By Daniel Barker-Tremblay

Stevie Lawerence in front of her community fridge (Photo Credits - Valerie Lawerence)

"I was really overwhelmed, and very proud of her. Her drive to step towards her culture, to make a difference" - Valerie Lawerence, Stevie Lawrence's grandmother



A high school student’s efforts have brought a community fridge to a high school in Edmonton.

Stevie Lawrence, a Grade 11 student from Duncan’s First Nation, received the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation’s “Imagine a Canada” grant in June after submitting an essay about her idea of bringing her community fridge to the Victoria School of the Arts in Edmonton.

With the $1,500 grant, the community fridge has been installed outside the school and Stevie hand painted the designs herself. 

Stevie says that she believes it will support the Indigenous and lower – income populations that reside in the area.

Stevie Image 02 EDITED

Stevie Lawerence (Left) and her Grandmother Valerie Lawerence (Right) in front of the community fridge (Credits Valerie Lawerence) 


Shortly after, Stevie put her talents towards a different project by taking on the role of assistant director for the documentary “Remembering the Children, the Red Deer Industrial School,” and called it a “touching experience.”

Stevie Image 03 EDITED

Poster of the documentary "Remembering the Children: The Red Deer Indian Industrial School" (Photo Credits - Valerie Lawerence)


Stevie’s grandmother Valerie Lawrence spoke highly of her granddaughter and her cultural and community accomplishments. Valerie also shared her experience with other family members at the viewing party of the documentary.

Stevie Image 04 EDITED

Clip from the Documentary (Photo Credits - Valerie Lawerence)


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