Hwy2 approx 8km west of Slave Lake, CLOSED due to wildfire

Photo: Town of Slave Lake

There is no threat to communities


Update: Hwy2 approx 8km west of Slave Lake has reopened (5:54pm)



Update 4:33 pm Thursday May 6, 2021

The wildfire west of Slave Lake along highway 2 was actioned quickly by firefighters, helicopters and helitankers.

The wildfire is 2 hectares in size and with firefighting efforts the wildfire behavior was greatly diminished.

The local Fire Department is controlling traffic so expect delays when heading west of Slave Lake.

Thanks to the member of the public that called 310-FIRE to report it.

With very strong winds expected today and Friday the wildfire danger will be EXTREME in the Slave Lake Forest Area 



Fire advisories are currently in place for most of Alberta’s forest areas, due to dry and windy conditions. Please check www.albertafirebans.ca for the latest information in your area.

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