Indigenous director creates short film on the history of Treaty 6

Wednesday, June 29th, 2022 2:28pm

By Daniel Barker-Tremblay

Opening Image of Premonition: Signing of Treaty 6 (Credits - Barry Bilinski)

"I hope that the piece let's people know that there's an entry point and hope and history doesn't need to be in the past, it's something that we're moving through" - Barry Bilinksy, Director of Premonition: the eve of signing of Treaty 6.



Premonition: on the eve of signing of Treaty 6, a short film that was created by Albert-based Indigenous director Barry Bilinksy, was shown for the first time during the Future of Film Festival this month in Toronto.

The short film first acknowledges the events that happened when the European settlers came to the territory. Soon after, the film shows the events after the signing which the circumstances Aboriginal people faced shortly after the signing of Treaty 6.

Bilinksy talks about what viewers can expect when they watch the short film.

Barry Bilinski Image EDITED

Indigenous director Barry Bilinski (Photo Credits - Barry Bilinksy)


The short film ran at the Toronto showcase from June 17-25th, and it’s also free to watch on CBC Gem across Canada. Bilinksy says that it feels “awesome” to have his short film to be seen by a wider audience.

Bilinksy says there's a responsibility as an Indigenous filmmaker to portray the story in the right way, adding that he did lots of research before turning the film into a reality.

Bilinksy says he hopes that his short film will help people know that history doesn’t have to be in the past: it’s something that we’re all going through together.


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