Kendra Fequet hopes to share culture and knowledge with new dreamcatcher business

With hopes of re-connecting with her Indigenous background, Kendra has started to create Dreamcatchers.

With family ties in Pakuashipi, an Innu community on the Lower North Shore in Quebec, Kendra Fequet has found a way to share her love for art and culture with a new passion/hobby.

Kendra said she grew up colonized and didn't know her heritage or cultural background, over the last few years she continued to show interest in her Inuit background and her culture thanks to her work at the Steel River Group as the Operations & Relationship Coordinator. 

After working with Steel River Kendra said she became interested in making more traditional styled dreamcatchers. What was initially started as more of a hobby quickly gained popularity through word of mouth.

In January of 2021, Kendra then started her Instagram Page @fequetdreamcatchers and has gained more than 160 followers over a brief time. 

Moving forward in 2022, Kendra hopes to continue and grow her business past doing custom orders. She hopes to start presenting her dream catchers at Pow-Wow's and Art Shows across the province.

If you'd like to order a dream catcher for your family, friend or loved one, or support Kendra on her journey. Send her a message by visiting @fequetdreamcatchers on Instagram.


Here is the full unedited interview between Kendra Fequetand Windspeaker Radio:






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