Leduc City Council votes to end Photo Radar at the end of April

“Vulnerable areas of our City will still receive the same level of attention, such as school and playground zones, however that’ll be done through an increased presence of marked enforcement vehicles.”


Leduc city council has voted to get rid of automated traffic enforcement, including speed cameras and red light cameras.

A report from Leduc's administration says the city will lose $201,480 in budgeted revenues from photo radar tickets in 2021.

Historically, traffic enforcement within Leduc was a combination of automated and manned enforcement through the efforts of the Leduc RCMP and MTU, which also includes Community Peace Officers with Leduc Enforcement Services. Council’s decision was also influenced by the contract expiry of the ATE ticket processing provider at the end of April.

Moving forward, traffic enforcement efforts will be bolstered through the city’s contract with Leduc RCMP, increase in personnel serving the MTU, and the efforts of the City’s Community Peace Officers.

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