'Lii Buflo: A Métis Way of Life' exhibit now on display in St. Albert

The Lii Buflo: A Métis Way of Life travelling exhibit and website provides an engaging and in-depth look at the historic ties and spiritual bond between the Métis people and the buffalo


A new exhibit has officially opened in St. Albert that celebrates the buffalo and its influence on Canadian history.

“It tells the story about the life of our forefathers, our ancestors in the plains of western Canada,” said Archie Arcand, a Métis Elder. "Visitors will find out how people lived, not only through the display here, but through the houses as well that were refurbished and given back their past, the way they were.”

Developed by Parks Canada, the Arts and Heritage Foundation of St. Albert, and Métis cultural advisors, this free exhibit uses art, text, and websites to teach guests about the importance of the buffalo to the Métis and bison conservation efforts at Elk Island National Park.

Parks Canada organized the $65,000 exhibit as part of its ongoing reconciliation efforts and based it on long-standing links between the Métis, bison, and Elk Island National Park

Written in Michif, English, and French, the text of the panels tells the story of a Métis boy speaking with his grandfather about “lii buflo” (“the buffalo” in Michif) in preparation for a field trip to Elk Island National Park. Each panel addresses a different aspect of Métis culture and as it relates to bison and sports a QR code which links to online resources. The back of the panels depict a herd of bison on the Canadian Prairie.

The exhibit is on display this summer at St. Albert’s Historic Métis River Lots and Grain Elevator Park before going to other historical sites across the province.


This exhibit provides a brief overview about the Metis culture in our area, as well as Western Canada and the relationship that existed and continues to exist between the bison and the Metis, The Metis are the founders of the City of St. Albert and are grateful to have been included in the development of the exhibit. This exhibit will support the Local's endeavor to revive and re-ignite the rich Metis culture that existed in the St. Albert and Sturgeon County Area."

Elder Archie Arcand, St. Albert – Sturgeon County Métis Local


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