New app designed to facilitate COVID-19 response for Indigenous communities

“What we have been hearing over the past several months is that First Nations, Metis and Inuit communities face barriers from accessing their own health data, so what this project does is it will enable them to collect their own data and respond to any impacts, reducing reliance on any outside agencies of governments"



Canadian researchers have developed a new app that is designed to help Indigenous communities around the world with their COVID-19 pandemic response.

The “COVID-19 Indigenous” app was created at the University of Manitoba in partnership with Indigenous leaders. It is considered the first of its kind.  The app will allow communities to document impacts and responses to the pandemic in real time, communities will have full control of their own data.

Data collected can be used by communities to advocate for policy-making changes concerning COVID-19 and set an example of the effectiveness of digital tools to support and promote Indigenous health and data sovereignty.

In real-time, the app collects responses from participating community members that will help Indigenous leadership better understand their citizen’s emotional, spiritual, mental and physical health.

While the COVID-19 Indigenous app is primarily developed with and for Indigenous communities in Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Northwest Ontario, officials hope to expand this initiative across Canada and to other countries as well.

The app is available for both Apple and Android users and specifically designed for Indigenous communities in Canada.

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