New Joey Moss picture book tells the story about the beloved Edmontonian

Joey Moss with the Edmonton Oilers Alum

A new picture book tells the story about beloved Edmontonian and Oiler fan Joey Moss.



Lorna Schultz Nicholson, wife of Oilers chairman Bob Nicholson, has written a book all about...Joey Moss. She went to former and current players, the Moss family and friends to write about more than just his association with the hockey team, but about his life.

Good Morning Sunshine: The Joey Moss Story is a picture book the talks about his ability to make people smile, the fact that he was in a band with his siblings and his love of entertaining and giving. She says the goal is to show that people living with Down Syndrome can live happy, active lives and be a productive member of their communities.

The book is being released this week, the same week Joey would have turned 59, he passed away back in 2020. 

The book will be available in all major book stores along with a teaching guide.

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