New Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women documentary premieres today

New Documentary Film "Say Her Name" Premieres May 5 To Get Authorities And Media To Investigate Nearly 50 Unsolved And Ignored Cases Of Missing And Murdered Indigenous People In Montana


 Say Her Name, a new documentary film, premieres Wednesday, May 5 on “Missing And Murdered Indigenous Women (MMIW) Awareness Day.”

The film was produced to bring awareness of the 86% of Montana’s Missing and Murdered Indigenous People’s cases that remain unsolved. They are also being ignored by local authorities and not getting the media attention they deserve. The film is directed by Rain who served on President Joe Biden’s Indigenous Policy Committee and recently made recommendations for the President and Vice President Harris on the MMIW crisis.

Say Her Name indicates that some of the murders are due to the connection of the methamphetamine trade and human trafficking that is rampant in the region, conducted beneath the dark cape of organized crime. The film explores if it is incompetence or corruption at the heart of regional law enforcement’s silence and ineptitude.


“What’s happening to Indigenous women on reservations and across the United States is unconscionable and outrageous. And it is devastating that families are conducting their own searches for missing loved ones. It must end.”

US President Joe Biden



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