Northwest Territories to use B.C. school curriculum instead of Alberta's

The N.W.T education department's reason for adopting the B.C. curriculum is that it integrates Indigenous knowledge


The government of the Northwest Territories is transitioning schools to the kindergarten to Grade 12 school curriculum used in British Columbia, ending decades of using the Alberta curriculum. 

Education Minister R.J. Simpson made the announcement Thursday, after his department spent two years reviewing western Canadian school curriculums to see which one best reflected the territories' educational priorities.

The N.W.T. government had been using Alberta's curriculum since the 1950s, and say the transition would be complete in three to five years. 

In response, the Alberta government says the N.W.T decision is unfortunate given it was made before the finalization of the draft K-6 curriculum.

“We understand their decision to move quickly and partner with a province that has a finalized and implemented K-12 curriculum that is currently being taught in classrooms, like British Columbia. In contrast, Alberta is still in the early stages of the K-12 curriculum renewal process,” Alberta Education spokesperson Nicole Sparrow said in an email statement.

The N.W.T plans to phase in the new curriculum over several years.


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