Peace Regional RCMP introduces new eagle feather protocol

“Everybody is really excited to have this as an option for themselves and the community members we deal with that might find it more of a significant thing to affirm on an eagle feather or on a firm without anything,”


The Peace Regional RCMP are pleased to announce the availability of the eagle feather as an option to swear legal oaths at the Detachment. The Eagle Feather Protocol is part of the RCMP’s commitment to create a more inclusive and relevant justice system for Indigenous people.


“The RCMP implemented this protocol in order to create an option for the indigenous people and indigenous communities as something more they can relate to in relevance to the justice system, it shows our commitment to how we want to work with these communities.”

Cst. Courtney Tipton, with the Peace Regional RCMP


The eagle feather will be used the same way as the Bible or affirmation is currently used. When someone provides a sworn statement to the RCMP, they will be given three options: to swear on a Bible, affirm, or affirm with an eagle feather. The eagle feather will be an option for victims, witnesses, suspects and police officers.

The feather protocol is also available at the High Prairie & Morinville RCMP detachments.

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