Pipon Village shines at the Deep Freeze Festival

People walking around the Pipon Village (Photo credits - Ryan Hunt)

"It's pretty important to share who we are, what we do, and (to share) one of our traditional ways of life in the Treaty 6 territory" -Doreen Cardinal, Assistant Coordinator of Pipon Village




The Deep Freeze Festival was held in the Alberta Avenue district on January 21st and 22nd, with lots of multicultural events taking place. One of those events was the Pipon Village, an Indigenous area of the festival where tea and Bannock were being served, Indigenous crafts were being handed out, there were exhibits that had Indigenous artifacts on display, and much more.

One of the exhibits was a sacred smudging art exhibit. Doreen Cardinal, Assistant Coordinator of Pipon Village, ran the smudge exhibit where people could come in and learn about the art of smudge.



The smudge exhibit has examples of all the different types of smudges, and Cardinal says she was very delighted with how many people came through, and the interest people had for smudge.



Pipon Village 2

Indigenous books on display at the Pipon Village (Photo credits - Ryan Hunt)


Deep Freeze was the first festival in Edmonton for 2023. With many more to go, Cardinal says she's interested in bringing this smudge exhibit to other festivals in the city in the future.



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