RCMP warn of scam sites selling Manitobah Mukluks

"People who place orders through those kinds of websites aren't receiving anything, because the product doesn't exist 


Manitobah Mukluks is warning customers to watch for fake websites selling their products.

Lor Brand, marketing coordinator and artist relations says that several ads and websites have been using their name, logo, and images to trick others into believing they're selling genuine Mukluks. 

Manitobah Mukluks says it only sells and advertises through Manitobah.ca and Manitobah.com websites, as well as some wholesalers.

Police have even received reports about scammers posting to online classifieds.

Brand suggests customers check the page they're on, as the company only sells and advertises through Manitobah.ca, Manitobah.com, and some wholesalers. She also warned customers to be wary of any sites advertising heavy discounts.

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