Protests emerge on the 'use of force' after EPS officer captured on video shoving woman to the ground

On Sunday, a small group gathered outside of EPS headquarters to protest what they're calling the "use of force."


A group gathered outside the Edmonton Police Service headquarters in downtown Edmonton over the weekend to protest "the use of force," after the arrest of an Indigenous woman.

Last week, Bear Clan Beaver Hills House shared a video of an officer pushing the woman to the ground after they say she allegedly "brandishing a knife."

The video shows an EPS officer coming up from behind the woman before using a considerable amount of force with a push to the centre of the woman's back.

Judith Gale with the Bear Clan Beaver Hills House in Edmonton identified the Cree woman from the video as 47-year-old Melanie Bigchild, a small woman, about 80 lbs, "stepped in addictions" and has been on the streets of Edmonton for some time.

Gale said she believes the video captures "brutal behaviour from someone of authority" as the police officer disarmed the woman in the video with a huge shove.

On September 16, EPS Released a statement and said the officer involved "considered his use of force options, given the suspect was armed, and determined pushing her to the ground would require the least amount of force possible to allow him to safely arrest the suspect".

The EPS say they were provided with two videos of the arrest made on Sept. 15

During the protest, Gale called on EPS to release the other video, however Police told media it would not make it public, and "supported the protestors rights for a safe demonstration".


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