RCMP Dive teams searching Wabamun Lake for missing swimmer

"Anyone who is on Wabamun Lake recreationally is asked to keep an eye out for signs of the missing swimmer"


Dive teams continued to search for a 20-year-old man from Edmonton who went missing after an evening swim in Wabamun Lake Friday.

Parkland County RCMP responded to the area of Kapasiwin, a summer village on the eastern shore of the lake, around 9 p.m. Friday evening to help search for a man who went missing.

In a statement over the weekend, RCMP say the man was swimming near a boat when he became in distress and then didn’t surface,  Parkland County firefighters also attended Friday evening to help search alongside the boaters as police officers searched along the shore.

After an unsuccessful 10-hour search Saturday, it resumed Sunday with the Central Alberta Recovery Dive Society and a police boat again out in the water looking for the man. Police were asking anyone on Wabamun Lake to give the teams room to work and to keep an eye out for the missing swimmer.

Kapasiwin is located about 69 kilometres west of Edmonton

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