RCMP warn of on-going cheque fraud in Northern Alberta

Since Nov. 16, 2021, RCMP have responded to three fraudulent cheque incidents involving at least 10 fraudulent cheques


Alberta RCMP are warning the public in the areas of an on-going cheque fraud in Fort Vermilion, Blumenort, High Level and Bushe River.

Fort Vermilion RCMP encourage the public to take precautions when dealing with cheques from individuals they might not know or involving high value amounts.

"Ask for at least two pieces of identification, one being government-issued photo identification such as a driver’s licence, from anyone signing over cheques from businesses or individuals. Obtain a copy of the identification that is produced and do not accept a digital copy of the identification produced on an electronic device such as a smart phone. Compare the two pieces of ID produced for accuracy. Do not hesitate to call the business or individual appearing on the cheque to confirm the person you are dealing with is authorized to issue the cheque"

"If the information appears to be fraudulent or for any reason you are uncomfortable or are suspicious about the transaction, don’t go through with it and report the incident to police"

"Electronic forms of payment are more secure than cheques, so where possible use wire transfers or e-mail money transfers instead of cheques, particularly if you don’t know the cheque writer"

"Fort Vermilion RCMP continue to investigate these incidents and encourage anyone to contact police if you have information regarding these occurrences or have been a victim"

Police believe there could be further victims to the fraud and ask anyone with information to contact Fort Vermilion RCMP at 780-927-3255 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477. 

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