Red Deer launches online kindness hub

“Stories of kindness and support have warmed hearts and inspired others to pay it forward, but a cohesive collection of these great stories was lacking. We’re pleased to now have a place where these stories can be collected and shared with anyone who needs a positivity boost.”



The City of Red Deer has launched a new online hub where local residents can share acts of kindness and caring that are happening throughout the city. was launched May 4, and will serve to collect and share these stories while encouraging more of these acts in our community.  officials say the site features positive community stories, kindness inspiration, events, and local business directories.

Residents are encouraged to help build a kindness collection by submitting stories about random (or planned) acts of kindness they’ve heard of, witnessed, or participated in.

You can learn more about kindness and caring in Red Deer, and share your stories at

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