RMWB -Snow removal plan

Get your shovels ready!

In anticipation of the snow in the forecast, crews will be working around-the-clock plowing and sanding the Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Routes.

In addition to the full fleet of snowplows and sanding trucks prioritizing the busier roads, snow removal on residential streets is continuing with Winter Maintenance Subzones 1 & 2 active this week.

Municipal crews will be out in full force and you can give them a hand performing winter maintenance in your neighbourhood by keeping up with on-street parking restrictions and shoveling sidewalks adjacent to your home.

Clearing a path through winter requires a collective effort from everyone.


During the winter, the Municipality will keep the region's roads safe and accessible for everyone by plowing and removing snow. These maintenance activities are prioritized by traffic volume, usage and location.

The classification and priority of roads are:

  1. Primary Routes: Thickwood Boulevard, Confederation Way, the downtown business area (Morrison Street, Hardin Street), Franklin Avenue, Hospital Street and MacKenzie Boulevard
  2. Secondary Routes: School zones, transit routes and main access to neighbourhoods
  3. Tertiary Routes: Roads that are steep, narrow or have unique features like Killdeer Way and Crane Rise
  4. Residential Streets: Neighbourhood streets, serviced by the Winter Maintenance Zone program

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