Road closure in SE Edmonton due to gas leak

Atco gas / twitter

Motorists in Ellerslie were made to detour after a gas leak had been determined

Motorists in southeast Edmonton were forced to detour after a gas leak had lead to a road closure. According to a news release Atco gas is repairing the gas line in Ellerslie.  Motorists were asked to avoid  avoid 17 Street SW to 34 Street SW, along with both northbound and southbound lanes of 34 Street SW at the intersection of Ellerslie Road SW, police said.

More on this story as information becomes available. 


Smell Natural Gas?

A pungent, rotten egg odour is added to natural gas so it is detected for safety reasons. If you smell gas inside a building:

  • Leave immediately.
  • Leave lights and appliances alone.
  • Call ATCO or 911 once you are outside 


If you smell gas outside a building:

  • Call ATCO or 911 immediately.
  • Keep people away from the area.
  • Do not smoke or light any flames.

Edmonton residents can call Atco Gas in the event of a gas leak emergency at 1 800 511 3447




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