Service disruptions at City of Red Deer due to rising COVID cases

“Our priority is to have staff stay home when sick and take care of themselves until they’ve recovered fully, whether they have COVID-19 or not, As a municipality, we have the responsibility to maintain a certain level of critical services to the community, and as of today, there are service impacts to Transit due to staffing shortages caused by illness. We continue to monitor the situation daily with all services we provide in the community"


The City of Red Deer’s illness rates among staff continues to rise in alignment with the rise in cases in our community and province, which may result in further interruptions to services over the coming weeks. With the inability to differentiate symptoms between a regular cold or flu and COVID, any staff member who experiences symptoms must stay home and follow City process as well as provincial isolation requirements.

Starting January 12, Transit will be operating on reduced service after 7:45 p.m. Monday to Saturday with the exception of the Route 1 Rapid Bus and Route 12 for Gasoline Alley connecting at Bower Mall. Dynamic Shuttle Service will once again be offered beginning at 8 p.m., taking riders from Sorensen Station to their bus stop of choice within the city. There will be no impact to school routes or the Action Bus. Transit users are encouraged to visit The City’s site, the Transit app or call 403-342-8225 to help plan your trip.

In an effort to maintain critical City services, areas where staff are available for redeployment may temporarily take place. Where redeployment isn’t an option, staff members will take on extra hours to maintain critical services, such as Emergency Services, Water and Wastewater, and Electric Light & Power.

Over the coming weeks, if service interruptions occur, information will be available through a variety of City sources. There will be updated service interruption information on The City’s website at  

 Visit for information

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