Specialized contractor hired to accelerate ice building on the Fort Chipewyan Winter Road

Further winter road updates will be provided as they become available


A contractor that uses a specialized ice construction method has been brought in to accelerate and support efforts building the east and west ice crossings over the Des Rochers River. The contractor has already begun work and crews will continue to work every day in an effort to reopen the winter road by early February.

As the Fort Chipewyan Winter Road plays a crucial role in transporting essential supplies to the community, the priority is to establish a safe ice thickness and integrity for larger loads before reopening the winter road. Additional resources are also being provided to maintain ice thickness and integrity at key river crossings.

Construction of the winter road is heavily dependent on weather

The warm weather and fluctuations in temperature being experienced throughout this winter season is causing ice to melt, creating challenges establishing a safe ice integrity at river crossings.

The Municipality is committed to reopening the winter road as soon as it is safe for larger loads, but the opening is heavily dependent on weather and the progress crews make building ice.

It is extremely dangerous to use the winter road when it’s closed

Please remember that travelling on the winter road when it’s closed is strictly prohibited and extremely dangerous. Motorists using the winter road when it’s closed are putting themselves and others at risk of a serious incident. This also has the potential to delay the reopening of the road.

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