Statement of claim filed against Alta. government and minister by Métis settlements council

The Métis Settlements General Council on Tuesday filed a statement of claim in Edmonton Provincial Court against Alberta and Indigenous Relations Minister Rick Wilson.



The council is asking for an interim injunction on Bill 57 until the court can rule on stopping implementation of the legislation entirely as an infringement on Métis rights under Sect. 35 of the Constitution Act.

Bill 57 amends the Métis Settlement Act (MSA), decreasing the size, the composition, and mode of election of the general council. It alters the mode of elections of the settlement councils. It lowers the salaries of the councillors. It imposes service and associated costs on settlement councils. It significantly limits the ability of settlement councils to incur a deficit. And it removes the Indigenous Relations minister from decision-making power on any financial policies related to the MSGC.

In June, the Métis Nation of Alberta began litigation against the UCP government and Indigenous Relations Minister Rick Wilson for refusing to continue negotiating a Métis consultation policy that the MNA was ready to sign right before the province changed governments.

Wilson's office was contacted late in the day for a comment on the MSGC court action. None was received.

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