University of Alberta Celebrates 2nd Annual Indigenous Celebration Week

2nd Annual Indigenous Celebration Week opening Ceremonies at the University of Alberta (Photo Credits - Daniel Barker-Tremblay)

"It was my priority to make sure that I bring good spirit, good energy and good light so that the students can experience that extra motivation to keep pushing in their education journey. We just wanted this week to celebrate us, celebrate our languages, celebrate our culture and our teachings and to celebrate each other" - Danni Okemaw, organizer of the 2nd Annual Indigenous Celebration Week at the UofA



The University of Alberta (UofA) is celebrating it's second annual Indigenous Celebration Week on campus.

The event that is hosted by the UofA Students Union FNMI Initiatives, which runs until January 25, will have Cree language immersion groups, Indigenous markets, and honoring grads with a round dance.

Windspeaker Radio Network spoke with Danni Okemaw, organizer of Indigenous Celebration Week to talk about what people can expect when they attend the week long event.


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Dani Okemaw, Organizer of Indigenous Celebration Week (Photo Credits - Daniel Barker-Tremblay)


Okemaw says that anyone is welcome to attend the event on campus, with each day focusing on different aspects on the community.

Okemaw adds that the Indigenous Market was a hit last year, and more vendors will be on location this week

Francis Whiskeyjack, one of the Elders that is hosting a Cree immersion program during the event says that he is proud of the students that put together the Celebration with showing leadership and utilizing the language in a positive way.


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Francis Whiskeyjack at the Indigenous Celebration Week Opening Ceremonies at the UofA (Photo Credits- Daniel Barker-Tremblay)

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