Wildfire season in Alberta starts March 1

“The snow levels in the forest right now are pretty good, but there are areas of dry, exposed grass, some areas will be snow-free, and some areas will already have a lot of snow, You really want to use your discretion when it comes to burning.”



March 1 marks the start of wildfire season in Alberta, This means anyone wanting to do burning, other than a campfire, must get a permit.

Wildfire Information Officer Kelly Burke says people are being asked to make sure any fires started over winter are out.

“If you’ve done any winter burning, or if you’ve even had a campfire, go back to the site. Check it, feel for heat, move the debris around, and see if there is any heat or smoke coming from it.

Anyone wanting a permit can contact their local Agriculture and Forestry office or check www.wildfire.alberta.ca

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