Winnipeg artist shares stories of Indigenous elders with his books

Gerald Kuehl was in Winnipeg taking photo's at Manito Ahbee for his visions of sharing Indigenous culture and stories through his pencil drawings



Gerald Kuehl has been spending the last 25 years of his life travelling to First Nation, Metis and Inuit communities with one goal in mind: telling their stories.

Kuehl started his journey when he turned 40 and said he didn't have any direction in life, always having an interest in Indigenous people and culture. 

His journey as an artist has involved travelling across the country with the intentions of interviewing, taking photo's and drawing Indigenous elders for his "Portraits" book series. 

Each book features 100 hand drawn photo's of Indigenous Elders and Kuehl shared some of the things he's learned from the Indigenous culture over the past 2 decades.

Windspeaker Media's Jacob Leblanc spoke with the author at the 2022 Manito Ahbee Festival

When asked about some of the names or faces he remembers the most, Kuehl moves towards a woman named Betsy Anderson.

Kuehl's projects include "Portraits of the North", Portraits of the Far North" and Portraits of the Plains". Follow his Facebook for more updates on her projects, or some of his stories.

You can purchase his projects here. 



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