#YmmMarch for Peace set for Saturday in Fort McMurray

The peaceful protest gets underway at Noon on Saturday


On Saturday, June 6, YMM March will be taking place outside the Municipal Building in Fort McMurray, starting at noon.

This peaceful protest is organized in support of the movement against recent events in the United stations.

“The goal of the march is to connect as a community; giving the people who are angry, sad, and frustrated with the current events happening in the US an opportunity to come together and speak on these injustices and begin the healing process,” organizers told the YMM team. “In addition to that we want to highlight the continued silencing of Indigenous voices across Canada and stand with First Nations peoples in their fight for equity and justice"

" We recognize that Canada has made strides towards equity and at the same time are aware of the continued struggle for justice that indigenous peoples face, we march in solidarity with them"


Those wishing to join in the protest are asked to wear masks and follow social distancing procedures. Anyone feeling sick or experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 should stay home. 

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