Music Submission Guidelines



Thank you for your interest in submitting your music to Windspeaker Media.

Please read the following guidelines regarding the submission of your music content:



- All submitted music will be checked for quality, and must adhere to our broadcast guidelines

- Music that is deemed inappropriate will not be given airplay.  A key consideration when submitting your song is to provide a radio edit. This may mean censoring any swearing on the track, and it may mean adjusting the track to ensure it isn’t too long.  

- Only MP3's or WAVS will be accepted.  Links sent to download from Spotify, Youtube or Itunes will be ignored

- Provide a short bio - a couple of facts about yourself as opposed to your life story

- Once you submit your song, it will be reviewed by the Music Department. We’ll give it a listen and see if the recording fits in here at Windspeaker Media. Please keep in mind that we receive a lot of submissions so sometimes it can take a bit before a release is reviewed.


Please submit your music via email to: