CFWE Extras

  • Request Show

    Want to hear a song? Tune into the Request show, Tuesday & Thursday Mornings at 9 on CFWE

  • The Metis Hour

    Every Saturday at 9am, Wally Desjarlais features the best Metis Music from across Canada

  • Lowa Beebe Show

    Join Lowa Friday Mornings at 9 for a weekly discussion of Indigenous News and issues that you need to know about. Click the photo to listen to past shows

  • The Cree Chatter Hour with Fawn & Dallas

    Join hosts Fawn and Dallas for a fun interactive hour of Cree words, stories, Music and lots of laughs! Tune in Wednesdays at 6pm & Saturday mornings at 8. Sponsored by Cornerstone Co-op "Your at home here"